Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)

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At the state level, concealed-carry laws were loosened or abolished at a rapid clip.

Many states started accepting the gun-license standards of their counterparts, often regardless of whether they were more lax than their own. Even on the federal level, where there appeared to be a political stalemate, gun-rights advocates found ways to make progress on the margins. While the sale and ownership of machine guns have been strictly controlled since the s and such weapons are very rare among civilians, the company argued their device would benefit handicapped gun enthusiasts, and the ATF assented. Right up until Vegas, gun-rights advocates were trying to advance laws loosening gun restrictions through the Republican-led Congress.

The Horror in Las Vegas seemed to change nothing at the Capitol. House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, promoted the virtues of mental-health care when he met with reporters Oct. In an interview days earlier, Scalise had told 60 Minutes that the attack on him did not diminish his belief in the Second Amendment and credited his security detail with saving his life.

Later, on Oct. In many corners a sense of hopelessness settled over the post-Vegas debate. The evening of Oct. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has raised the alarm about bump stocks for years, said she planned to revive her ban on such accessories. Her bill, introduced the next day, immediately drew widespread support among Democrats. Republicans kept a skeptical distance, at least at first. Meanwhile, other Democrats are shooting for symbolic victories.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a Select Committee on Gun Violence, a move that may leave Republicans red-faced when they oppose it. Others are considering how to wrangle Republicans to join previous attempts to finally fund the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention programs to figure out just how much of a public-health risk guns pose.

Some are hoping for help from an unlikely quarter: President Trump. In a way, Trump does remain the biggest unknown. But the president stayed on message when asked about gun control as he visited survivors at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Many of the most fervent gun-rights advocates are also furious that the Government—Big G—makes them buy health coverage or pay a fine or pay taxes that underwrite large federal programs. Wealthy and white, he was an accountant and real estate investor with no apparent criminal record and no history of mental illness, according to his family.

He lived in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nev. The manicured golf course at Sun City Mesquite is an oasis of green in the surrounding desert. The parking lot by the rec center is filled with Jeeps and Kias. Neighbors say Paddock—who lived with his girlfriend, a high-limit casino hostess who hailed from the Philippines but had Australian citizenship—mostly kept to himself. According to his younger brother Eric, Paddock liked cruises and Mexican food and taking trips to Vegas to play high-stakes video poker.

He mailed cookies to his elderly mother in Florida. What we do know is that Paddock planned his mass murder meticulously. In , when Ms. Kohli was in college at the University of Maryland, she marched on the Mall for abortion rights. Now she had brought her daughters down from Bethesda for their first protest.

Kirti Kohli believes protest can lead to tangible results. She cited the march she attended as a college student, and the Supreme Court ruling in Planned Parenthood vs. That decision, which followed the protest, affirmed a constitutional right to abortion. Kohli said.

Knight was standing in her pink knit hat along with her daughter, Tiffany Jackson. Jackson, a hairstylist in Washington, said she was here for her 8-month old son. Pam Brown had booked her tickets from Los Angeles to Washington before the election, hoping she and her young daughter would be here to see the first woman president sworn into office.

Instead, they arrived with a much different purpose. She hopes that after the crowds on the Mall have dispersed, the women who participated in the march will turn their efforts to organizing on the ground where they live — from city councils and state legislatures on up.

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Brown said. By Matthew Gault.

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Trump had just been sworn in and everyone was watching on their laptops or phones. The coffee shop is near the University of South Carolina and the area is a blue island in the middle of a red sea. They had to work, you see. They like Mr. Gus, a diner owner I know, is a Greek immigrant. We need a strong leader. Randy Hill runs an Assemblies of God church in suburban Texas. I spoke to him a few days ago and he told me he knew Mr. Hill said. Because of that, he has faith that President Trump will push back against government interference and government handouts.

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Years ago, I worked as a store security guard for a man named David Z. We still keep up on social media.

I flipped back over to YouTube, where I watched Mr. Trump finish up his speech as users in the live channels group chat flooded the other half of my screen with images of swastikas. No matter what, I was in. I missed the roiling debate about whose march — and whose feminism — this was, anyway, and who had a seat at the table, and who just needed to have a seat. This could have been a march for peevish pet owners against Donald Trump, and I would have shown up and shown my opposition to the self-aggrandizing, income tax hiding, genital grabber-in-chief.

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Michael Moore! I feigned enthusiasm, while thinking that the lineup could have been nearly identical to the one I heard the last time I marched on Washington, about 25 years ago. Back then — as now — the issue was abortion rights. I was in college. And so we lock our doors, and turn our backs, and ignore those in pain and in need.

We discriminate against immigrants on the basis of their religion. We look at foreigners with fear. We take away free, accessible birth control. I never dreamed that, decades later, wrinkled and stretch-marked, I would be fighting the same fight, chanting the same chants, rallying behind the same issues, hearing the same voices raised in protest as I marched the same route.

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By Frank Bruni. The Bolsheviks might quibble. So might the veterans of the fight in this country for civil rights.

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You know, people like John Lewis. From the moment Trump commenced his campaign for the White House, he began complimenting it. My polls! My crowds! My ratings! He mentioned it on Thursday evening at the Lincoln Memorial. He mentioned it on Friday afternoon on the steps of the Capitol. He mentioned it on Friday night at the inaugural balls. The superlatives swell; the qualifications fall away.

Steve Bannon? The doorman at Trump Tower? The head concierge at Mar-a-Lago? No need for attribution when the movement is as indubitably sweeping and unequivocally singular as his. A movement that doth protest too much.

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And a movement with rickety numerical backing. This movement stopped short of delivering Trump the popular vote, which his opponent, Hillary Clinton, won — by nearly three million ballots. This movement delivered him the Electoral College by a measly 77, votes in three states. He begins his presidency with the lowest approval ratings of any president in modern times. I say none of that to challenge his legitimacy or deny the fact that he now holds the same immense power that his predecessors in the presidency did, along with the enormous responsibility to use it wisely.

By The New York Times.

Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)
Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)
Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)
Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)
Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)
Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)
Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3) Blood on the Beach (Capitol Carnage Book 3)

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