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From the particle accelerator in Switzerland, where scientists seek to probe regions of time we cannot see, to lava flows in Hawaii which have overwhelmed all but one home on the south side of Big Island; from the disintegration of inner city Detroit, to a Hindu funeral rite near the place of Buddha's enlightenment, Mettler explores our perception of time.

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He dares to dream the movie of the future while also immersing us in the wonder of the everyday. Friday, Jan. The film is now showing in theaters in Germany. Please check local venues for ongoing schedules. Peter Mettler will be in attendance at the following screenings. Goldberg Oct 15, ST. Perret Oct Peter Mettler's 'The End of Time' is the ultimate trip.

TagesAnzeiger - Basler Zeitung - Just look at how much we have learned about the human body with things like DNA and Cellular Structures etc. And how about "running to and fro"? This is pointing specifically to our day with planes, trains, automobiles and the busyness of modern day life.

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We are definately running to and fro and have knowledge like no time before us. This Bible sign has a dual application. During the "dark ages", for over years, knowledge of Biblical truths were surpressed by the Roman Catholic Church. God now has an end time remnant church with the FULL gospel truth to take to the world before the end comes, which was needed to fulfill the sign about taking the true gospel message to the whole world.

Which you will read about further down the page. Revelation Now this is a sign that most people miss! Have a think about it What needs to happen in order for the "beast system" to stop people from buying and selling if they refuse the mark? We need to have a worldwide financial system whereby everything bought and sold is through electronic means, not cash. Has there been any time in history where this could happen? Are WE living in a day where this could happen? Most certainly, yes! And the powers of this world are now trying to make cash obsolete, and are actively pushing pure electronic forms of payment, like "PayPal" and "Google Wallet" for instance.

Take a look at the news and you will see this being reported in different countries of the world. Sweden close to being a Cashless Society. Cash is Dead, are Credit Cards Next? Israel Leaders Pushing for a Cashless Society. Above is just a few examples of the major push throughout the world for a cashless society. We have the techonology to do this now, which in times past wasn't possible. And look at the financial turmoil around the world today. This will help in bringing in a "unified" currency to help make it possible to enforce the mark of the beast.

Technology isn't the mark, but technology is needed for proper enforcement of it. This is a SURE sign of the end times! Now many professed Christians today believe that the 'falling away' is something that will happen in the last days. But this is a wrong view, because the falling away began not long after the New Testament church and was completely fulfilled when the Roman Catholic Church took control and merged Christianity with Paganism, and punished anyone who did not bow to her so called 'authority' and false teachings.

And that man of sin who was "revealed" to the world during the Protestant reformation is none other than the pope s of the Roman Catholic Church. See proof of who the man of sin is HERE. So, the falling away has happened and the man of sin HAS been revealed. Therefore the second coming of Christ can happen and this shows we are living in the end times. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

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What was it like in Noah's day and Lot's day? We need to go to two other Bible verses to see what it was like. Genesis tells us that in Noah's day the "earth was filled with violence.


Is This the End Time?

So violence prevailed in Noah's day and sexual immorality including homosexuality prevailed in Lot's day. And this would be a sign of the end times before Christ Jesus returns. So our question is, does violence and sexual immorality including homosexuality prevail in the world today? Very much so, yes! Not only does violence and fornication rage across the whole world, homosexuality has become a "norm".

Since , 29 countries have legalized homosexual marriage source. And there are more countries being added to this list all the time. Large rise in sexually transmitted diseases since in England source. Today, the world is FULL of violence and sexual immorality. You only need turn the tv on and you will see violence, fornication and homosexuality everywhere. The cities of the world today are especially bad and are no longer safe places to be.

What are we told in Jude ? We are told that what God did to Sodom was set forth as an example to us today. And what did God do to the people of Sodom? How about a rise in spiritualism and the occult in the world? Have we seen this? Well, just look at the television and movies today. It has invaded our lives like no other time before us. And what is the cause of this? It is the false teaching of the immortality of the 'soul'. Spiritualism is also the cause of these ' near death experiences ' which Satan is deceiving more and more people with.

Many people don't realize that spiritualism has also invaded the majority of churches around the world, due to this false teaching of the immortality of the soul. But the churches have embraced this false teaching of the immortal soul, which is another sign of the times we live in. See the truth HERE about what happens when we die. Hosea This one has become a fairly recent phenomenon. During the last few years we have seen fish, birds and other animals die in huge numbers. Since , millions of fish have been turning up dead in lakes, rivers and the sea, with this deadly red tide partly to blame.

Also, Birds have been dropping out of the sky in huge numbers. And we are seeing other unusual animal deaths all around the world. Including Bees and Bats dying in their millions. The Honey Bee crisis deepens as evidence shows there has been a dramatic increase in die offs.. The Rise of Jellyfish over the past few decades is a harbinger of the health of the world's oceans! The Oceans are on the Brink of a Catastrophe! The book of Hosea not only applied to the nation of Israel. It also applies to our day and contains prophecies concerning the state of the world we live in today.


So is this text from Hosea fulfilled in our day? Is it a sign of the end times? Is this being fulfilled in our day more than any other day before us? Most definately. Just look at all the natural disasters we are getting now every year.

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Tens and even hundreds of thousands of people are being wiped out from Tsunamis and floods, and men's hearts are certainly fearing what is happening to this world. In America in , a record was set for the number of Federal Disaster Declarations given over a year. That number was In , that number was broken again, with 99 Disaster Declarations given, costing over 32 Billion Dollars.

And produced another year of record breaking disasters.

What Is the Sign of “the Last Days,” or “End Times”?

Robert Hartwig states We are really seeing things happening in this world now with regards to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy today. May - "US like a 'war zone' after tornadoes in 30 days! We are seeing an increase in volcanic activity worldwide. The scoffers love to bash this one, but from the evidence available, it is clear that earthquakes are not only increasing in frequency, but also appearing in more and more "diverse places", which the Bible predicted.

Remember, these signs are to intensify during the last days, and that is exactly what is happening with earthquakes. New Zealand felt a record 32, earthquakes in - link.

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