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Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. I do hope that Stallman is able to find such a solution soon enough to make alternative approaches less attractive, but not so hastily as to compromise the goals of FSF which I am sure he will not do. Software distributed as part of the GNU system always comes with sources for both on-line documentation and printable manuals. On-line documentation is provided because printed documentation is often misplaced or is being read by someone else when you want it; and because, in many situations, it is easier to find the piece of information that you need in an interactive on-line help system.

At the same time, printed documentation is provided because it is often easier to read or preferred. When GNU documentation is printed, it is produced as a typeset book with chapters, indices, cross references and the like. The on-line documentation is a menu-driven system which also uses indices and cross references. However, instead of writing two different documents, one for the on-line documentation and the other for the printed manual, GNU documentation uses a single Texinfo source file for both purposes. This saves the effort of writing two different documents and means that when the system is revised, only one source file has to be revised.

Since the single Texinfo source file is used for a dual task--to create both the on-line documentation and the printed manual--it must be written in a special format so that the chapters and sections of the printed manual will correspond to the nodes of the on-line documentation and the indices and cross references will correspond to various menus.

To make the printed manual, the Texinfo source file is processed through the TeX typesetting program.

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Non-GNU software distributed by the Free Software Foundation does not always have Texinfo documentation, although we encourage everyone to document with it. All of the following manuals, which we are currently distributing on our tapes, are also available in hardcopy from the Foundation; see the order form on the inside back cover.

We are looking for freely redistributable art work and graphics to enhance our publications. The art should be about the GNU Project or the free software movement.

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We offer a GNU Manual of the artist choice, for each piece of art work which we publish. Ghostscript source or more traditional media welcome. Send submissions to one of the addresses on the front cover. Our thanks to the Icon Project at the University of Arizona for the idea of running this contest.


The first Unix tape called the "Release" or "Emacs" tape contains GNU Emacs as well as various other well-tested programs that we consider reliable. The second "Beta test" or "Compiler" tape contains the GNU C compiler and related utilities, and other new programs that are less thoroughly tested. Until recently, this software had been provided on the Beta test tape, but the third release of the X11 distribution is too big to fit on this tape. See the order form for details about media, etc.

The programs on this tape are all recent releases and can be considered to be at various stages of user testing. As always, we solicit your comments and bug reports. This tape is also known as the Compiler tape. X supports overlapping windows and fully recursive subwindows, and provides hooks for several different styles of user interface.

Applications include a terminal emulator, bitmap editor, several window managers, clock, window dump and undump programs, and several typesetting previewers.

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X11 is more powerful than, but incompatible with, the no-longer-supported version Both VMS tapes include executables that you can bootstrap from. All the software and publications from the Free Software Foundation are distributed with permission to copy and redistribute. The easiest way to get a copy of GNU software is from someone else who has it. Just copy it from them. If you cannot get the software from a friend or over the net, or if you would feel more confident getting copies straight from us, or if you would like to contribute some funds to our efforts, the Free Software Foundation distributes tapes for a copying and distribution fee.

See the order form on the inside back cover. If you do not have net access, and your computers cannot use the media we distribute on, you must get our software from third party groups--people and organizations that do not work with us, but have our software in other forms. For your convenience, other groups that are helping to spread GNU software are listed below.

Please note that the Free Software Foundation is not affiliated with them in any way, and is not responsible for either the currency of their versions or the swiftness of their responses. They post their instructions monthly to newsgroup comp. Current details from Karl Kleinpaste karl tut. Thanks to Dr. Thanks to Sony Corp. SRA has also given us a cash donation and lent us a full-time staff programmer and a technical writer. Thanks to all those who have contributed ports and extensions, as well as those who have contributed other source code, documentation, and good bug reports.

Thanks to those who sent money and offered help. Thanks also to those who support us by ordering Emacs manuals and distribution tapes. The creation of this bulletin is our way of thanking all who have expressed interest in what we are doing. We defend the rights of all software users.

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There are also other ways to contact the FSF. Skip to main text Set language. Help the FSF fight for user freedom! Join us before July Free Software Supporter. GNU's Bulletin, vol.

What Is Copyleft? What Is the Free Software Foundation? This money was given to us to make sure that we have funds to rent office space for several years. Of course, if someone were to give us office space, we could use the money to hire more people. Thinking Machine, Inc.

This makes for a total of 13 machines given or loaned to FSF. The files freed in the 4.


The reason is that the people at Berkeley would like to have improvements in these programs like those in system V. Both we and they hope they never get a V.

We may help them avoid it by providing alternative software. Both programs are in beta test. Chuck Donnelly responded with a draft which we have turned into a final version. Texinfo source comes on both the release and beta test tapes. Hardcopy may be ordered directly from the Foundation. It is now in beta test. NeXT, Inc. Other manufacturers have expressed an interest; we are awaiting developments. Distribution of Floppies on hold We are holding investigating distribution of floppies for machines until we have a working library.

Since system V on the usually comes with no library as well as no C compiler, no assembler and no linker, we don't think this distribution medium will be worth while until we can supply all of them. This is being worked on, but it will not be ready very soon.

We will announce on the info-gnu mailing list and gnu. Though we won't be maintaining this program, we include it on our tapes to allow people without TeX to print out our documentation.

FSF is looking to hire additional full-time people to work on Project GNU both as programmers and as technical writers.

Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1
Gnusworthy 1 Gnusworthy 1

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