Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir

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A federal advisory group recently voted in a split decision against strengthening the current standard for fine particulate matter, known as PM 2. Corey Masuca, an environmental health scientist with the Jefferson County Department of Health and one of the six members of the panel, sided with the majority. The decision during a contentious meeting of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee last month pitted Masuca and three other members against Environmental Protection Agency scientific staff and an independent panel of scientists.

Read more. Eleven federal Superfund sites in Alabama — including two near Birmingham — are at greater risk from disasters such as flooding, hurricanes and wildfires due to the possible consequences of climate change, according to a report released Monday by the U. Government Accounting Office. Nationwide, at least 60 percent — of 1, — of U. Customers complain that the fee is unreasonable and stymies solar power use in the state.

They say the fee is necessary so solar users also have additional power when they need it. The incident led to several protests and calls for justice.

The life of an Auschwitz guard

Roy Moore filed suit last week alleging Democratic fundraisers collaborated on a disinformation campaign against him and intimidation tactics aimed at voters. The House on Nov. Export-Import Bank for 10 years. In addition, energy-related transactions would have to estimate the volume of carbon dioxide emitted by projects receiving Ex-Im subsidies. In part, the amendment would block creation of a new Ex-Im unit aimed at promoting energy-efficiency and renewable-energy exports and require the bank to weigh the overseas affordability of energy products before approving transactions.

It was the apparent end of a weeks-long, often confusing discussion that started Oct. Everyone recognizes the financial distress of most news organizations today.

Female SS guards employed in concentration camps

But a speaker at an academic seminar I attended this summer — the founder of a nonprofit news website that covers Vermont — took it a dramatic step further: She believes it is no longer possible to make a profit from reporting news at the local and regional levels. Well, yikes. One emerging model is the nonprofit news outlet, such as the one in Vermont and BirminghamWatch which you are reading right now and to which I have donated.

Scales offered a resolution at the last meeting that required spending from that fund to be approved by the full commission. Ammons asked that the matter be held over so that he and his staff could make a presentation about economic development. Commissioners agreed Tuesday for a special economic development committee meeting to take place Nov.

In the meantime, Knight sent a draft of a resolution to his fellow commissioners to address how and when money can be used from the economic development fund. Scales offered that resolution as a substitution for the one she presented at the Oct. The panel will go into executive session so commissioners can address questions to the county attorney and the independent attorney who are working on this matter.

The Economic Development Committee will meet at 9 a. Subsequently, the county sent the agreement back to UAB with some changes. Roy Moore said Thursday that he does not think the allegations being investigated by Democrats against President Donald Trump constitute high crimes or misdemeanors under the constitution. S District Judge Myron Thompson issued a primary injunction Tuesday against the law, which would have made performing an abortion a felony in almost all cases.

Abortion providers would face a sentence of up to 99 years in prison with no exception for rape or incest. WBHM Alabama has cut per-student funding at state colleges and universities more than any state in the U. Senate race Friday, and moments after signing qualifying documents, he fired back at criticism by some — including incumbent opponent Doug Jones — over his participation in a recent Republican protest of House impeachment hearings.

On Wednesday, a group of Republican congressmen, including Byrne and fellow Alabama representatives Mo Brooks and Gary Palmer, pushed into a closed-door hearing being held by the House Intelligence Committee. Republicans told members of the media that they objected to impeachment proceedings being held behind closed doors, which Byrne reiterated Friday.

Alabama Republican Reps. That delayed testimony by a Pentagon official for about five hours, the Washington Post reported. House of Representatives on Oct.

HR , which was approved on a vote, would require U. It also would close loopholes that allow foreign funds to illegally enter the U. If everything goes according to plan, the Jefferson County Board of Education may hire a new superintendent before its students take off for the Thanksgiving holiday break.

Analysis of Ted Conover's Memoir- Newjack Essay

Senate election approaches. He defeated Republican Roy Moore in a bitter special election in and is seeking to win his first full term in the Senate next year. One group wrote a letter to Trump, and the other prepared legislation that would require the president to devise a strategy for dealing with the situation. A government panel of air pollution experts, including one from the Jefferson County Department of Health, will gather for public meetings in North Carolina later this month to hear comments and review a draft report on whether the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for carbon particles in the air are stringent enough to protect human health.

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Politico Pro recently reported that the draft document, the Policy Assessment for Particulate Matter, questions whether the current standard for particulate matter in the air is adequate to protect public health. Over the same time period, the campaign retained outside counsel to conduct an investigation.

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Based on the results of the investigation, the campaign determined that his reported conduct was inconsistent with its values and that he could not be a part of the campaign moving forward. Watts said the work there will lay the foundation for health care for the future of Birmingham, Jefferson County and beyond. It must be frustrating for The New York Times to do such exceptional journalism for instance, here and here and then to get beaten up mercilessly on social media because of its handling of a routine story. The Times is catching some heat for its headlining and framing of a Wednesday story about contact between the Ukraine whistleblower and Congressman Adam Schiff.

Some supporters of President Trump, who likely would have done this no matter how the story was presented, are distorting the article as evidence of collusion between the whistleblower and Schiff. It has gotten justified public criticism for several things. Jones said that to rush to any judgment on either side of the political fence without knowing all of the facts is irresponsible.

Commissioner Steve Ammons took one last shot Thusday at conducting more discussion concerning adjustments to the recently passed the budget for fiscal year Ammons moved that the resolution approving amendments to the budget be set aside from the other 51 resolutions for separate consideration. Commissioner Lashunda Scales offered a counter motion that all of the resolutions be considered as presented. Speaking later, Ammons repeated his concern that budget adjustments are coming a very short time after the budget was adopted in early August.

Birmingham in October will be launching an early childhood program designed to increase interactive talk with children as a way to foster early brain development.

The Birmingham Talks program will serve 2, children, birth to 3 years old, across Jefferson County over the next three years. The city of Birmingham is among five cities selected to replicate the Providence Talks program, which is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies through its What Works Cities initiative. PARCA reported that the graduation rate statewide has been raised from 72 percent in to 90 percent in , based on preliminary information from the state Department of Education.

College and career readiness rose to 75 percent in , compared to 66 percent in State education leaders have raised concerns about the students who are graduating but are not ready to get a job or go to college, PARCA reported. PARCA has posted detailed interactive graphics that allow you to look up specific measures of readiness by school system and even compare two schools. You can find those graphics here.

Kay Ivey, 74, announced Thursday she has lung cancer. This comes after her doctor recently found a spot on her lung during a routine visit. The board voted Tuesday in favor of the budget for the fiscal year that beings Oct.

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Daagye Hendricks, who represents District 4, cast the lone vote against the spending plan. She said she felt there were too many unanswered questions and not enough information. Scales said she had been told by someone on the stadium design committee that VIP seats are being added that would lower the total number of seats in the venue.

She cited a Sloss Furnaces event on Monday that memorialized two men who were lynched in the s. Pricey lofts and luxury condos have mushroomed throughout the city center. WBHM Despite the pressure to provide for more security in schools, there are concerns about the long-term effects on students who are arrested by SROs and sucked into the criminal justice system. A recent report from the advocacy group Alabama Appleseed details one aspect. It found black students and children with disabilities were more likely than others to be arrested in connection with their conduct at school.

Many have had to freeze or cut salaries, said Danne Howard, chief policy officer with the Alabama Hospital Association. Some have eliminated services, like obstetrics and gynecology.

Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer     A Memoir Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir
Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer     A Memoir Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir
Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer     A Memoir Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir
Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer     A Memoir Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir
Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer     A Memoir Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir
Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer     A Memoir Guarded: Surviving as a Female Prison Officer A Memoir

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