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Lorelei's Other Family 28 1K 1 Today.

Visual Art Original Work Traditional. I was tagged in a OC Challenge on Instagram.

Lorelei's Family

I did a little something different for this one. Draw your OC's at different ages 2.

With help from her family and a whole lot of friendly strangers

Do a page of expressions 3. What's in your OC's bag?

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Draw your OC interacting with another character signifigant other or friend 5. Put your OC in a fully rendered setting 6.

  2. John 1-11 MacArthur New Testament Commentary (MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series).
  3. Becoming Rasta: Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica!
  4. Family Club: The romantic Rhine Valley and the rock of the Lorelei (port-to-port cruise).
  5. Lost and Found: A Novel.

Draw what their room or house would look like 7. Design 4 additional outfits for your OC 8. Draw their favourite foods and then draw them eating it 9. Draw your OC with thier family Do a fully rendered portrait of your OC Draw their most used accessories Draw 5 things they like and 5 things they dislike Draw your character sleeping Complete a reference sheet of your character Lorelei c To learn more about these characters, make sure to check out our group run by.

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Already a deviant? Sign In. Thank you! My-Anne Hobbyist Traditional Artist. I'm still looking at this in awe I love the looks!


Thank you!! What beautiful tails!

I love how you colored them. Thank you so much! That's such a neat idea. Dinalfos5 Hobbyist General Artist. Aww, cute, this was an adorable idea, using her creators as family like this.

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Loreleis Family Loreleis Family
Loreleis Family Loreleis Family
Loreleis Family Loreleis Family
Loreleis Family Loreleis Family
Loreleis Family Loreleis Family
Loreleis Family Loreleis Family

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