The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3)

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He was a eucharistic minister, assisting the priest in giving out communion. His youth group traveled to Honduras every couple of years on mission trips. So making a story set in Baltimore, a city with deep ties to the religion, piqued his interest. Since filming on the documentary was finished, Hoskins, after 64 years of living in Baltimore county — and seeing Schaub several times a week — decided to move permanently to Ocean City. Hoskins feels safe here.

Her diabetes is causing her eyesight to deteriorate, and she no longer has peripheral vision. The couch has a tropical palm leaf print.

The Dam Keeper, Book 3

It also makes for a good place to study. She recently decided to pursue a criminal justice degree through a local community college. She can take courses online from her rocker and just finished criminology this spring. Looking back on the last few years, Hoskins feels confident that she and Schaub have made a dent in the cold case. Teal did not respond to a request for comment. She calls me probably once a week. And maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. My life is so rich because of hers.

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She was only with him for five years — a relationship that took her completely by surprise. At 30, she was single and overweight, facing a future of health struggles because of her diabetes. But then she met Ernie, a bearded Kenny Loggins-lookalike with an affinity for flannel. He was so taken with her that one day, when she left a box of tampons in the bathroom, he drove to the elementary school where she taught just to drop them off. But Ernie had his own issues. Now, one of his testicles was the size of an orange.

It was cancer, and by the time Hoskins insisted he visit the doctor, it had already metastasized.

The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3) The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3)
The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3) The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3)
The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3) The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3)
The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3) The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3)
The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3) The Journey Hoame (The Keepers Saga Book 3)

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