The Man Who Invented the Computer

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How Was The First Computer Made? - Inventions That Shook The World (1940s) - Spark

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Politics N. If your ideas are so revolutionary that they are difficult to implement using the technology of the time then people will think that you are a dreamer. This is a terrible fate but a much worse fate is to be so far ahead of other people's thinking that they don't even recognize what you are saying as a dream.

One of the great pioneers of computing - Douglas Engelbart - suffered exactly this problem. Today we remember him as the inventor of the mouse, but this was just a small part of the total dream. Doug Engelbart was probably the first man to understand the true potential and purpose of the digital computer.

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It seems a shame that all we remember is the mouse. Doug Engelbart's first encounter with what we would now call "the man machine interface" was during a two-year spell as an electronic technician during World War II. Although this interrupted his studies it brought him into contact with people using the first visual display units - radars. After he graduated in Electronic engineering he found himself doing odd jobs for the Ames Research Laboratory in California. He was already a deep thinker and ambitious.

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Who Invented the Internet?

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The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer
The Man Who Invented the Computer The Man Who Invented the Computer

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