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Harry Potter-by now the name is surely as magical to you as it is to the millions of others who are devouring the books in J. Rowling's awesome series. Do you want to find out what others are saying about how they'd like to fly on a hippogriff or raise a pet dragon? What it would be like if they were students at Hogwarts and played on a Quidditch team? Their opininons on what really happened to Hary's parents?

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Read letters kids have written to Harry Potter, Hagrid, Hermione, and many ot the books' other unforgettable characters. Read more Read less. About the Author Sharon Moore is the author of "The First Blue Jeans," a children's reader, and has worked on several previous projects with Lamppost Press, the pac kager for this book and for many other books of interest to children and teens. No customer reviews.

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May 13, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Though this book isn't a Harry Potter story, it is very neat and interesting to read. I just love seeing how my kids and other kids feel about the series! November 1, - Published on Amazon. Can we say "Oh, let's not have a worthwhile book, but just cash in on Rowling anyway" This book gives Harry Potter fandom a bad name.

Rather than insightful commentary on what makes the Potter novels so appealing to such a wide variety of readers, we get large amounts of very dull reviews from seven year olds who clearly don't understand what's really going on in the book the infamous Mrs. Norris dying, which she didn't , and endless variations of "I love Harry," "Ron is so cool," "Voldemort is scary," "Dumbledore's Gay! Then the other part of the book is comprised of recipes, trivia games, how to play Quidditch on the ground, and an anagram. This book, on the other hand, is absolutely worthless.

If you want to read seven and eight year old reviews that largely say the same thing, or give rather bad plot summaries the whole way thru, all ad nauseam, then you'll love this.

Whoever edited this should be fired. Did they even do a spell check on this? The editors certainly didn't read this book very carefully, as it has numerous mistakes. Overall, just a book that was published to cash in on Potter. And of course a good half of the series was published yet when this was published, so it's also badly dated. Most of this stuff wouldn't make amateur websites - how this was ever published I'll never know.

Even for money grubbing capitalist publishing houses, this book is below the belt. We Love Harry Potter Let's exploit kids to turn out terrible product! July 27, - Published on Amazon. If it was possible, I'd give this book a zero. It was a complete waste of time! Most of the book consisted of pointless letters from children seven and under to who knows who and said things like "I love Harry. Snape is mean.


Harry is nice. The editor's comments on the letter that were supposed to clarify it for the people who haven't read the book usually just restated what the letter said- I doubt seriously that Moore read the books herself. A lot of the information in the kids' letters were fraudulent as well- some made comments about teachers called "Madame Pooch" and made comments about "Filch's cat having to die".

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We Love Harry Potter Well Tell You Why

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Young adult books are valid! Jump to. Ninth Ward is her first novel for children. Bible Trivia Quizzes. We offer free online printable and self grading Bible trivia quizzes. The official TeenNick. Now she's cashing in. Getting dressed up and dragging your significant other out for a night on the town!

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  7. Crashing a party and spiking the punch! On a shopping spree at the mall! Seducing hot babes in the city. There's also a quiz to determine which type of character you really are!. Maddie06 3 years ago Plz do not read this you will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life however if you do not repost this you will die in 2 days now you have started reading do not stop this is so scary send this to 5 other quizzes in minutes and when your done press F6 and your crushes name will appear on the screen.

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    These are our favorite young adult books of Questions Series 1 - Quiz No.

    We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why
    We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why
    We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why
    We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why
    We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why We Love Harry Potter!: Well Tell You Why

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