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If the ANC wanted we would not be reading this article at all. It is not on their political agenda to murder. Get some perspective. I think the DA would do better.

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One day we will find out. On the home page of News 24 we have this article of a murder an three other articles of rapes. Is this the new SA that everybody dreamed of. One does not want to make this about race and yet One does not for a moment pretend that whites are all good guys but this is getting to be too much! One is aware that this is being perpetrated on their own people on an even larger, if unacknowledged, scale.

In the final analysis it is the black community that has to accept responsibility for this social abberration and only they can fix it. Start teaching children respect for their heritage and take political rhetoric and self serving justifications out of the social mindset. Stop talking nonsense False scarcity created by big corporations is the problem. The whole novel is a kind of escape act, an elaborate rope trick.

Coetzee has tied himself up in a number of narrative problems and has to find a way to wriggle out of them.

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The world he describes isn't real; the main characters have no relation to each other; their quest is implausible. He invents new predicaments, chapter by chapter, and resolves them. There's something magical about his ability to keep going. You get the sense, as you read, of details filling in around you, as he turns to look at them. Which isn't quite the same thing as a world that's already there, which you find out more about. What it reminds me of most is Peter Handke's Kaspar — an experimental stage play about the way language restricts the pure freedom of a childish consciousness.

But it's also a little like Werner Herzog's movie, The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser — a more realist film about an unsocialised man, trying to find his feet in society. Coetzee has always had the enviable ability, in a writer, to make a virtue of his limitations. The prose is very plain; the characters are a little abstract; the questions they ask aren't quite as interesting as they suppose. Coetzee knows all this, but where it leaves the reader I'm not so sure. Fiction Philosophy books reviews. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. I would like to get back to Europe with the band and possibly do Roadburn or tour some festivals. I appreciate the interview and I would like everybody to be looking for us: Earthride , Weed is Weed and a very new project called Siren of Sorrows which has Starr Piazza on voice from the band Serpent Witch.

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Thanks and peace. Earthride on Thee Facebooks. Salt of the Earth Records website. Salt of the Earth Records on Thee Facebooks.

To my ears, Spirit Caravan is the blues, plain and simple. I quite literally did of them.

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They hit the balance just right. Like someone coming up to you and saying something nice out of the blue. Got all that? Think of it as my way of saying something nice. I took today off work. As a kid, I watched my father sweat and travel and stress for a series of jobs he hated because he felt like it was what he needed to do to support his family. He wanted to die.

For years. I know this. Not in an office.

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Not full-time. The commute, the air, the loud people, the commute back.

All of it. I counted minutes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday to get to this morning. Appreciating the day, then, and trying to make it as weekend-y as possible. In a while The Patient Mrs.

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  5. I can feel it already. Thanks if you got to check out any of the Quarterly Review this week. That means a lot to me, and I appreciate it when people can put eyes to things like that. Next week is slammed as well as of now. Plenty going on.

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    Mostly Tuesdays, oddly. Crazy, I know.

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    I hope you have or have had a wonderful day, depending I suppose on your time zone, and that you enjoy a great and safe weekend. See you back here on Monday for more, and in the meantime please check out the forum, the backup radio stream, and the new The Obelisk page on Thee Facebooks. The Obelisk Forum. The Obelisk Radio. I must be out of my god damn mind. To put it to scale though, last year, I did a feature every couple of months called the Quarterly Review that throughout the course of resulted in no fewer than separate album writeups. I do the best I can to do as much as I can.

    Some of these are independent, some through labels, some names familiar, some names new. Thanks in advance for your participation in making it more complete by leaving a comment. Alunah on Thee Facebooks , at Napalm Records.

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